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Yes, authorizations are required. The physician’s office and/or hospital should contact American Health Holdings, Inc., the Medical Plan’s Utilization Review and Large Case Management. Their telephone number can be found on the back of your MEBA medical ID card.

Your physician must submit all medical claims electronically to their local Blue Cross and Blue Shield office, including your identification number listed on the front of your MEBA medical ID card.

You received this statement to ensure accurate processing of all medical claims (for both the participant and eligible dependents) submitted to the MEBA Plan Office, especially if you and/or your eligible dependents have other insurance, your status has recently changed from an Active participant to a Pensioner or if your marital status has changed.

If you have not completed a Statement of Claim for Members and Dependents in over one year, your claims may be denied until receipt of a completed Statement of Claim for Members and Dependents. Failure to do so can result in further delays in the processing of your claims.

Since the MEBA Plan Office staff receives limited details with your claims filed, the concern is that IF there is a possibility of third party involvement, additional information would be required prior to paying your medical claims (i.e., Subrogation, Assignment of Rights and Reimbursement Agreement, PHI Form).

MEBA no longer utilizes separate claim forms. You may use the MEBA Claim Statement for Members and Dependents to submit your Optical or Hearing Aid claims. You can find this form under Forms & Documents, Medical Plan Forms.

Your physician’s office should contact OptumRx directly to set up your Specialty Drug(s). Specialty Drug(s) are only handled by OptumRx

You should contact the Member Services Department if you’ve been awarded a FSSD award. You must forward a copy of the FSSD award electronically to mservices@mebaplans.org or mail a hard copy to the MEBA Plan Office.

In order to have your Pre-Employment drug test covered by the plan, you are required to have worked in Covered Employment for at least 60 days in the six-month period immediately preceding your drug test; and such Covered Employment must be with Employers that participate in the Federal Drug Testing Program.

New Entrants in the Plan, or employees who have not previously participated in the plan, will become eligible after completing 30 days of Covered Employment within any period of six consecutive calendar months.

As required by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, we cannot disclose health information without the consent of your dependent(s) and vice versa.  You may find the consent forms on the Forms & Documents page, Medical Plan Forms. 

You would need to complete a Change of Address Form, which can be found under Forms & Documents, Medical Forms. We cannot take address changes over the phone; the form must be submitted in writing, signed and dated by the member.

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