How to File Your Application for a Pension

How to File Your Application for a Pension

You may apply for pension benefits in person at one of the MEBA Branch Offices. The Branch Agent or Representative will help you complete all necessary forms and mail them along with all required documents to the Plan Office. You may also file your application in person or by mail directly with the Plan Office.

You will be told what documentation you must supply with your application. Your application is not complete until all necessary documentation is supplied.

The earliest Effective Date of Pension you may have is the first of the month following the month in which your completed Application for Pension Benefits is received by the Plan Office or a MEBA Branch Office, provided you do not work in Covered Employment after that date and have taken all of your earned vacation. You may, of course, request a later Effective Date of Pension.

After your Application for Pension Benefits and required documents are received, the Plan Office will calculate your Pension benefit and advise you in writing of your Pension amount. After you review the calculation, your application will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.

When the above steps have been completed, the payment of your Pension benefit will begin. If you receive a monthly benefit, then your first Pension check will be retroactive to your Effective Date of Pension.

If you or your beneficiary makes a false statement material to a claim for benefits, then you or your beneficiary may be denied any or all benefits, and the Trustees can recover any payments made in reliance on the false statement.

If you disagree with the calculation of your Pension amount, you should notify the Plan Office immediately in writing and submit whatever material you have in support of your claim to a different amount. The Plan Office will review your claim and advise you of their findings.

If your Application for Pension Benefits is denied or you disagree with the calculation of its amount, you (or your beneficiary) may file an appeal of the denial or the calculation to the Trustees. The Pension Trust's appeal procedures are explained in your Summary Plan Description.

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